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Great Customer Service: Mayday Games

This post is exceptionally in English, in case someone from Mayday Games happens to see this. If you do, I think you guys are awesome.

Long story short: I ordered a hefty pile of plastic card sleeves from a company called Mayday Games ( Card sleeves are used to protect playing cards from wear and tear, and also make them easier to shuffle. Anyway, ordering went smooth, so did the payment, but the actual delivery took ages.

Finally, after several weeks, I got an envelope from my friendly local post office. Inside was an official pardon letter from Finnish Post and my Mayday order. Or more likely what was left of it. Obviously not a single sleeve, but plenty of scrap paper and pulp. The attached letter quite sternly stated that these things just happen and I could call them and cry, but it wouldn’t help. Ie. “Case closed, sucks to be you.”

I pretty much thought I had lost both the card sleeves and my money, but decided to email Mayday anyway. Maybe they could tell me what to do. The response I got was fast and brief:

Sorry about that! We will resend it out under the USPS and you should receive it in about 7-14 days. Let us know when you get this and if you have any more problems with your order. Thanks!

No questions asked, no hassle. Just great service. A week later my card sleeves arrived nicely packed and ready for action. Mayday games, you made me very happy. Thank you.

Here’s a now-and-then photo. Guess which one is the original shipment 😉

USPS Flat Rate Envelopes